A Tour of Red Beach

After stopping by Wenderholm Regional Park, Cally and I went to Red Beach to meet a friend of hers who lives there. Tim showed us around the area, including several beaches. At Red Beach, the sand is partially red from a mineral in the water. There is also a beach that is orange.

Red Beach

Red Beach

Tim then took us to a marina because there are often many fish that can be seen swimming in it. We didn’t see any fish in the water but we did see a couple interesting boats. I like the carving on the front of this boat.

2013-08-10 13.17.29

He also took us to Shakespear Regional Park where there is a giant picture frame that we took pictures in. The scenery behind it was very picturesque with rolling green hills dotted by sheep with the ocean behind it. While there, we hopped the fence and said hello to the sheep. However, they weren’t too pleased and ran away from us.

2013-08-10 13.37.10


2013-08-10 13.43.17

Beach at Shakespear Park

For lunch, we had steak and cheese pies from a bakery. They were delicious. We then spent some time visiting with Tim and his family. After spending the day touring with Tim, we drove to the town of Whangarai where we stayed the night.


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